Lotus Farm to Table

Lotus Farm to Table

Address 112 West State Street
Phone (610) 565-5554
Categories Mediterranean

With its tasteful, spa-like aesthetic and palpable sense of calm, Lotus Farm to Table offers the ambiance of a retreat. The welcome is warm. The chairs are oversized and inviting. The walls are lined with floral photographs taken by the owner. And a tea bar displays a collection of glass teapots. There’s no doubt about it: this 32-seat eatery in the heart of Media, PA transports you to a whole other realm. And as pleasant as the vibe may be, it’s the food that is truly out of this world.

Lotus Farm to Table is the brainchild of twenty-something Courtney Rozsas, a former pre-med major who was impressed by the robust health and pleasant dispositions of the people she met on a visit to Asia. Rozsas dreamed of opening a restaurant that would allow her to explore the connection between eating and well-being. She found the perfect complement for this venture in Chef David Berg, whose style combines the ethos of cooking in the Pacific Northwest with the principles of Northern Italian cuisine. He’s a firm believer in a simple, respectful handling of locally grown ingredients. That means he buys only whole foods that come from nearby farms. Nothing is fried, overly seasoned, fussy, or contrived.

The result is a menu that is fresh, amazingly varied, and soothingly tasty. Depending on the time of year, lunch might include artichoke tapenade with basil and a baguette, or a marinated, grilled flank steak sandwich with hummus, tzatziki, chili, and romaine lettuce on pita bread. Dinner might comprise a yellow fin tuna crudo salad with citrus, mint, and arugula, mixed with pomegranate vinaigrette. Or you might prefer a seared branzino with spinach, pine nuts, pork belly meatballs and lemon. A four-course tasting menu is also available at dinner for $45. Plates are small and easily digestible, so you can try more than one – or save room for dessert. You won’t want to miss the almond pear Danish pastry, chocolate croissant, or chocolate tort crème anglaise hazelnut praline.

Given the owner’s passion for Asian culture, it is not surprising that there is an extensive menu devoted entirely to tea, complete with a description of each one’s medicinal values. The list includes a dozen hand-rolled varieties, including a clear green and a rare Anji white. As one would expect in such a setting, all teas are served in tiny glass teapots. Simple, beautiful, and clear, they allow you to watch as the teas flower inside. On steamy days, iced oolong is especially refreshing. Incidentally, because there is no sugar at Lotus, you can sweeten your tea with all-natural, dried sugar plums, peach blossoms, or goji berries.

It all adds up to a satisfying experience for body and soul, one that lets you leave refreshed, happy, and ready to face the world outside with a joyful new attitude.